• about innovative approaches for the politics and policymaking,
  • with the people who innovate the politics from external business or civic sector,
  • with those who can apply the innovations in policy making.
  • How millennials shape the politics with the innovations in 21st century
  • What is the innovation by grass root democracy and what are the best cases from Europe
  • How innovations in research and new technology can shape public sector
Place where innovations shape politics 
  • Knowledge and wisdom about new data and technology that shapes public sector
  •    The network of businesses which enhances innovations in public environment
  •  New tactics on advocacy building for your organisation
  •  Practical guidance how to be engaged in grassroots initiatives to move your country forward
Speakers are people who shape politics, lobbying, policy making and business sector by taking an action. 
People who founded or challenged innovative approaches in research, medicine, business or in law and politics. 
They are the pioneers of the innovations in lobbying sector, grass root initiatives, or have an impact in health or environmental industry. 
We are looking for new approaches to policy-making that can bring positive value and directly influence the quality of life in our countries. 
Bea Benkova
Founder & CEO at Global Institute for Extraordinary Women (GIFEW), European transformation leader, Founder of Dialogue - non-govermental organization with a mission to contribute to transformation of Slovakia through dialogue.
Akilnathan Logeswaran
Advisory Council for Hub Engagement, World Economic Forum)
He has mobilized tens of thousands to rally in European city streets to combat nationalistic, protectionist policies. He is helping to develop "A New Concept for Europe" as a member of the World Economic Forum's Young Policy Group.
Karel Janecek
Karel believes that the key problems of human kind can be removed through technology and innovations only. He is Czech entrepeneur, mathematician and Founder of several Foundations in Czech republic fostering development of the politics, public life and growth of Czech society.
Jan Bubenik
Founder and CEO of the company. He has spent the past fifteen years placing expatriates as well as local C-level executives. Chairman of the Board of the Vaclav Havel's Forum 2000 Foundation's Corporate Council, and serving on the Boards of the YPO Gold Czech and Slovak Chapters.
Nienke van Bezooijen 
Globally recognized public speaking expert for speaking authentically with impact. International leadership mentor, Author and Speaker.
Thomas O’Neil
Research Director and Co-Founder of InfluenceMap, the only system in the world for systematically tracking and ranking corporate influence over climate and energy policy. Thomas brings innovative research and ideas into world of corporations and their responsibility in the worldwide climate policy making!
Stephanie Cox
 Female youngest Member of the Austrian Parliament. Her entrepreneurial and human approach led her to be nominated as a “Young Global Shaper” by the World Economic Forum. She has an indeed innovative approach to everything including migration - Stephanie started the initiative chancen:reich, one of Europe's largest career & job fair for refugees! 
Barbora Urbanova
Founder or STUŽAN / The students to pupils in Czech republic/ , The Assistant to Member of the Parliament Mr. Vít Rakúšan.
Daniel Georgiev
Co - founder of XENO Cell Innovations to make diagnostic and bioengineering technologies that compute.
Edward Strasser 
Founder&CEO at Innovation in Politics Awards, partner at the Skills Group, a leading Austrian PR firm.
Lukas Sedlacek
CEO and Founder of European Academic and Leadership Institute.
Jan Polak
Pioneer of the new business paradigm and purpose-driven enterprise
Andrea Boccuni
Andrea is an International partnerships manager at the unique civic start-up committed to equalizing political power and influence in Europe and beyond! With their innovative approache to citizen lobbying 
they are the first organisation devoted to popularizing and democratizing the various channels of participatory democracy existing at both national and EU level.
Andrea Lijertwood 
Andrea cares about social justice, environmental politics, and the use of new technologies to promote sustainable development. This all she manages as the Chief Operation Officer in Institute for Democracy 21, where one of their flagship project to day, is Prezident 21 (P21), which is a real-time online game, simulating the 2018 Czech presidential election! 
Andrea Gontkovicova
Thick and well-rounded national, currently heading Phillip Morris International business in the Reduced-Risk Product category in CZ, SK and HUNGARY.
Andrea Tittelova
Founder&CEO at YPE (Young Politics Education), Advocate of Consciousness and Feminity in Politics
Be inspired by people who have taken their stand for innovating the public sector and policymaking. 
 The Conference is specially designed for societal leaders from public and business sectors who foster the innovations in public sector in their countries 
24 May 2018 
Prague, Czech Republic
09:00 - 15:00 
Sněmovní 7, 118 00 Praha - Malá Strana
Old Town,
110 00, Praha 1
Special price 
until 20 May 2018
67€ 87€
*The package includes refreshment throughout the day and networking lunch.
The purpose of the Conference on Innovative Politics
The purpose is to organise one inspiring day in Prague where people who have contributed to policy changes in their respected countries exchange their ideas and improvements they have done in the area of public politics or citizens' initiatives enhancing the changes in the sector of politics and policy making. 

We see that the current state of politics and the way of policy making isn’t currently based on innovation, the needs of the citizens, or grass root initiatives. We see that the world of business and start ups has increased in innovation and the sector of politics and policy making risks being left behind. 

Dialogue and collaboration are missing in society. We need to involve the different stakeholders and adopt the wisdom of the new business paradigm. New markets, products and services are emerging at rapid pace almost every day and politics and regulations need to reflect these changes quickly in the Visegrad region. 
We are bringing people who have taken their stand for innovating the public sector and policy making and have demonstrated the new way in their respective countries.

Andrea Tittelova, Lubica Ragulova
Co-Founders of YPE
Youth Politics Education (YPE)
is the Action Tank with the vision of conscious, transparent, effective and responsible public service and politics based on values. Our mission is to create a network of value-based people active in public service and administration who will govern and serve society in Slovakia and Europe. The focus of YPE lies in the professional support and development of future leaders in public administration and politics in Slovakia. The curriculum is based on the flagship programme Academy of Good Politics along with Internship programmes in Slovak and Swiss public. 
The advocacy building consists of active engagement on topics of education and the initiative focused on the paid internships in public sector.
Jakub Plojhar
Co-Founder & Head of development, Snemovni 7
Snemovni 7 - Embassy of sustainable thinking
Sněmovní 7 is a newly branded coworking space in the heart of Prague. It opened its doors to the public at the end of 2017 as a coworking and event centre that provides space for individuals as well as teams. Sněmovní 7 offers a unique working environment with its magnificent location and newly renovated parts of a baroque palace. Freelancers, startups and established companies can find a quiet base for their work or meetings. Apart from the shared office space, Sněmovní 7 also offers a conference room with a capacity of up to 80 people and several seminar rooms for up to 30 people. The company behind Sněmovní 7 is called Embassy of Sustainable Thinking, which cleverly sums up the whole concept of the place. It provides a safe haven for people and projects to create, learn and develop themselves with a strong emphasis on sustainability, which can be found in new technologies, politics, communication techniques or plain everyday thinking.
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